The vision of Quebec painter and silkscreen artist Lauréat Marois is anchored in a renewed figurativism.   Since 1972 he has pursued, alongside his university teaching career, a multidirectional creative approach informed by philosophical considerations expressed in his attempt to communicate through themes where nature is the central element.

He is represented here by a corpus that reaches back across all of his creative experiments and admirably demonstrates the unity and stylistic consistency of his work, extending  and repurposing landscape as the wide-open horizon of all mental activity, transforming it through the sensibility of the artist into an instrument of emotional expression. In all his work, Marois redefines landscape by staging the cycle of creation in its entirety: the object’s emergence from interiority into outside reality and subsequent return trip, establishing a relationship in which the genesis of nature and the genesis of the self fuse into one. Herein lies the source of his works’ expressive, aesthetic, and formal power, which continues to feed an ever-growing interest from the public.